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Healthy Alternatives


Welcome to the Healthy Alternatives website.

Healthy Alternatives are passionate about healthy eating and helping people to achieve better health.

We can help you remove the toxins in your body, your home, your life and your wider environment.   Let us help you take the first steps to improving your life.

We also offer a 6-month wellness program based on hair analysis. We have had fantastic results helping people to improve their health and relieve symptoms such as eczema, asthma, fatigue, IBS, migraines, constipation, sleep problems and many more.  Comprehensive support is provided.

For further information you can  check it out here.

I write a regular  blog, which covers healthy eating tips, food additives and other ingredients, and healthy alternatives for every day things – it  offers tips and strategies, and regular recipes.

We also stock a range of natural and sustainable products, which will help you reduce the chemical load on your body and your impact on the environment.

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