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Jim Boswell is a Nutrition Researcher and Personal Chef and is our guest blogger for this post.

“I spend most of my time in Gluten free product and recipe development as well as researching the evolution of food as a timeline and the relationship between food development over the past 10,000 years and its impact on health.

Food that has great taste, easy to prepare and is gluten free, that is my passion. I started cooking from the age of five in my mothers kitchen and have over the years lived, worked and cooked in many countries around the world including Europe (Sicily, Denmark), Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia and a few others.”


New Zealand grows some of the best meats, veggies and fruits in the world and we are also renowned for award winning primary and secondary produce production.

There are days when we look at prices in the shops and think this is not true, its can’t be happening, but when we take a good look at things, we are a country that produces some of the best produce in the world and if we buy seasonal we can purchase at seasonal lows. New Zealand’s quality standards are amongst some of the most stringent in the world for primary and secondary food production.
In New Zealand we have a well established Farmers Markets all through out the country and they bring us very fresh produce, usually when their produce and or products for sale are at their freshest and at peak quality.

More and more New Zealanders are becoming big fans of seasonal produce and visiting these markets in the weekend. It’s a fun thing to do on a Saturday or a Sunday to jump in the car and go shopping for the best that’s on offer this week. Its also a great way to learn tricks from the sellers that helps us to get the best out of their produce and products.

I strongly encourage everyone to use produce at its peak for the best quality and fullest flavour possible. These are also ingredients that are usually at their best price and value.

The following list is a general vegetable guide for looking for what’s good in the summer season. For more information like my facebook page.


green beans
snow peas
sugar snap peas

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