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Well here we are. January 2011. Around this time many people consider a detoxification (detox) of some kind or another, to clear out the excesses of the Christmas period, and to hopefully set them up for a year of good health.

Most look upon a detox with a mixture of trepidation and determination; trepidation on having to give up the unhealthy foods they love for a period of time, and determination to make the changes to their lifestyle.

I guess it all depends on what kind of detox you intend on doing really.

Some people detox with intent to make long term diet changes. They quit coffee and alcohol, refined carbs, and anything fried, processed or sugared. Think brown rice, streamed vegetables and fish, washed down with a glass of water with a slice of organic lemon in it.

Another form of detox is to go raw for a few days. Only eat raw fruit and vegetables. You can eat as much as you like. This is actually quite a good way to go. With nothing else interfering with the digestion process, you get a good whack of vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. Because most fruits are simple sugars they breakdown quickly and help cleanse your system. Pears are particularly good. Still, no matter how much fruit you eat, you always get just a bit hungry.

I’ve still got a Lemon Detox Diet on my top shelf. I won it in a radio competition a couple of years ago. I just can’t bring myself to use it. Apparently you spend up to a week drinking nothing but lemon detox drink (syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper), sea salt water and laxative tea. Of course you will lose weight – you are surviving on a liquid diet! From speaking to friends of mine who have done it, only one has managed to complete the whole 5 days as they found the product tasted foul. There are a number of other similar products on the market that say they will cleanse your internal organs if you just take this pill and that solution. I’d rather do it naturally.

I have two friends that have decided to “go gluten free” for 2011 to improve their health. Neither of them are particularly gluten intolerant and certainly don’t have coeliac disease. They both eat breads, pasta and drink beer frequently. Gluten is highly inflammatory, and any underlying health problem is made worse by the consumption of gluten. Removing gluten may help improve their health slightly. It’s going to be hard though – if they follow through – as we went through this process with JM a couple of years ago and he was hungry all the time for the first few months until his body adjusted to the new regime.

I still swear by an “Isotonic bowel cleanse” given to me by a naturopath with 25 years’ experience. He recommends when a person has an impacted bowel, severe digestion problems or suffers constipation. It also helps remove the build-up of gel (goo) produced in the intestinal tract by eating cow’s milk products. Some parasites may be removed as well. It’s a pretty simple recipe, with natural ingredients you can get simply and easily. The recipe is available on our products page.  I usually do this cleanse every 2-3 months and certainly feel better for it.

Friends who have gone offline over the holidays consider this a digital detox. No internet, mobile turned off, and in some cases when camping, no television either! The bonus of course is that they could eat and drink whatever they liked :)

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