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I’ve just returned from visiting the doctor. I usually go only when the children are sick, certainly not when I am. I am not fearful of doctors, but after years of being told they can’t do anything as its viral and I just have to ride it out, or being given a prescription for antibiotics, I generally don’t bother. The cost is also prohibitive, and I know many other people who stay away for this factor alone.
The children are another story. If I’m sick I know how I’m feeling, but with them I would hate to have something lost in their translation, and its better safe than sorry. I always give them at least a few days of illness though; I’m not traipsing them down to the doctors at the first signs of a running nose.
I tend to look at things like colloidal silver and olive leaf extract at the first sign of a cold as I prefer use natural remedies. My daughter will drink lemon and manuka honey by the bucket, but my son is not so keen.
But getting back to my original point: my visit to the doctor. Every second year or so, I go in and get a health check. She asks me general health questions and I express any health concerns I may have. I get my blood pressure checked, weight measured, moles checked, gynaecological smear test completed, and then I am send off for blood tests to complete the picture.
I’ve done a lot of work in the last couple of years in terms of repairing my immune system and eating natural foods, and the results show in my continued good health. I get the odd sniffle, but nothing major, and I have no allergies or food issues.
It is really important that we are proactive in terms of our health. No one else will take responsibility. When things are picked up early, they can often be dealt with much easier that if they are noticed further down the track. I like to think of it as preventative maintenance, or in automotive terms a “vehicle service” for our body.
I’m confident of a “clean bill of health” but will wait to hear that definitively after the rest of the test results come in. If anything comes up, I will let you know.

Colloidal silver http://www.energiseforlife.com/benefits_of_colloidal_silver.php
Olive leaf extract http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olive_leaf
Manuka honey http://www.manukahoneybenefits.com/
Repairing my immune system www.beallergyfree.net.nz

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